New LL11 Series Box Scrapers

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Key Features
  • Grading blade creates a cutting action
  • Hydraulically control scraper height
  • Manually adjusted scarifier

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Grading blade creates cutting action
Cuts, levels, and smooths dirtCuts, levels, and smooths dirt

Frontier™ LL Series Drawn Box Blades are equipped with a 152.4-mm (6-in.) tall, 15.9-mm (0.63-in.) thick grading blade that creates a cutting action while leveling and smoothing dirt.

Hydraulically control the height
LL13 Series shownLL13 Series shown
LL12 Series shownLL12 Series shown

Hydraulically controlling the height of the scraper creates ease for the operator and allows more precision, accuracy, and a smoother finish no matter the Frontier™ LL Series Drawn Box Scraper used.

Manually adjusted scarifier
LL11 Series scarifierLL11 Series scarifier

The LL11 Series Drawn Box Scrapers come standard with six manually adjustable scarifiers, built to rip through the toughest surfaces.