New CA20E Series Core Aerators

Landscape Attachments
Key Features
  • Aerating spoons penetrate tough soils
  • Bronze bushings
  • iMatchâ„¢ hitch system
  • Optional sand weight tanks

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Optional sand weight tanks provide an extra pressure boost for extremely rough turf
For extremely rough turfFor extremely rough turf

The sand weight tanks are two optional containers that give the core aerator an extra pressure boost when working with highly compacted soil.


The CA2048E Core Aerator holds up to 70.8 kg (156 lb) of sand, the CA2060E Core Aerator holds up to 113.4 kg (250 lb) of sand, and the CA2072E Core Aerator holds up to 320 lb of sand. This ensures that hard turf is completely aerated the first time.

iMatch™ hitch system allows super-quick connection
iMatch hitch systemiMatch hitch system
The iMatch hitch system on the CA20E Series Economy-Duty Core Aerators convert the tractor’s 3-point hitch to fixed hooks and attaching points. This allows for a quick and efficient attachment process.
Bronze bushings reduce the number of replacements
Two per rotor increases wear lifeTwo per rotor increases wear life
This technology saves money and reduces the number of replacements. There is minimal wear that increases the rotor life.
Aerating spoons penetrate below tough soils
Six per hub for first-class aerificationSix per hub for first-class aerification

The CA20E Series Economy-Duty Core Aerators has six aerating spoons per hub that penetrate 11.4 cm (4.5 in.) below heavy thatch and tough soils. This greatly breaks up soil compaction and revitalizes lawns.